The Truck

Those of you familiar with our England trip have seen how this goes. Daniel drives, Becky navigates, Gil rides in the back seat. There are some lame attempts to justify this "relegated to the back seat like some kind of bad child thing" by explaining that tall, long legged people need the freedom of space offered in the front, I think it's a family thing and they are just ganging up on me :-(

This wouldn't be so bad except that Daniel owns a new Dodge Dakota (mid sized) with an extended cab. Yes, there is a seat in the back but it was meant for storage and dogs...not full-sized American males. This on top of the fact that everything is hundreds of miles away from everything else in Kansas...well, perhaps I am exaggerating somewhat but I'm the one doing the web page here and feel that gives me certain literary license...


My view of Daniel from "Gil's Kingdom of the Back seat."


My view of Becky.


Me, all squished into "my space."

the truck

What I saw from the truck of Kansas...tailgate, endless flat, straight roads, lots of sky. The only change was that sometimes it was night and everything was it any wonder I never knew where I was?

wizard of oz

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