After we said goodbye to Daniel at the airport, we journeyed back and got back into the Element for the drive south to cousin Stan and Suzi's house, in Clackamas, Oregon. We went via I-5 and 205 to avoid Portland traffic.

Stan's wonderfully restored six-cylinder, Victory motorcycle...

Suzi's beautiful commuter, a Vespa scooter...

Part of Stan's train collection (when the basement is completed, his train setup will be extraordinary)

Next morning began with a lovely breakfast and then a walk around the neighborhood with lively poodle Zooey.

A view of the house from the greenbelt that runs behind it.

Alas, we have to leave, so we continued our drive south. We stopped in the "town" of Wanker's Corners because we found the name amusing, then later in the historic town of Oakland.

Mid-afternoon, we stopped for the day in Grant's Pass, Oregon, at the Redwood Motel.

Next morning (April 19) we enjoyed a great breakfast at Bluestone Bakery and Cafe, at the corner of N 6th Street and N D Street. Free WiFi, as well.

Back in California, we stopped to explore potential future camping sites at Patrick's Creek, which flows into the Smith River. Very nice spots, although not yet open for the season.

And finally, we arrived home...

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