"Packing the Bike"

(With the gear listed below I can stay on the road indefinitely. I need to either find a laundromat every 5 days or hand wash each night in the motel sink)


Aerostitch Road Crafter riding suit
Shoei helmet w/pinlock smoke insert
Held Scout gloves
Sidi Strada boots
1 pr. socks
long sleeved shirt
sport wrist watch w/alarm
dog tags w/spare bike key
wallet including:
-1 credit card
-1 ATM card
-1 Costco/AmericanExpress
AAA insurance card
driver's license
bike registration (original)
proof of insurance (original)
American Motorcycle Association membership card
American Motorcycle Association MoTow card

On The Bike:

Garmin 2610 GPS
tool kit + allen wrenches
bungee cords (2 spare)

motorcycle owner's manual

Tank Bag:

cell phone
spare clear pinlock visor
digital camera
windshield/glass cleaner
side stand foot
spare earplugs
eyeglasses and case
sun glasses
cigars and lighter
pen and pad of paper
copy of bike registration
copy of proof of insurance
copy of credit cards
copy of driver's license
tank bag rain cover
tire gauge
cable lock (X2)
energy bars
bungee cargo net
leatherman (w/maglight)
kryptonite lock w/key

Saddle Bag (left):

1 jeans
5 socks
1 tank top
5 shirts (seasonal, long & short sleeved)
swim suit
flip flops
book (fiction)
emersion heater
various chargers
Garmin wall plug
collapsible bottle w/adult beverage

Saddle Bag (right):

small padlock and key
gas siphoning neoprene tube
cable ties (lots)
duct tape
electrical tape
spare garbage bags
spare zip lock bags
spare fuses
rags (several)
spare electrical wire
adhesive (super glue)
Stop and Go Tire puncture w/CO2 kit
hand warmers

Tail Bag:

Aerostitch first aid kit
Platypus collapsible bottle w/water
Alpinestar wet weather gloves
instant coffee
toilet paper
stainless cup
basic toiletries kit including:
-eyeglass cleaning stuff
-2 disposable razors
-small liquid soap
laundry kit (suction drying line, powdered Woolite, sink stopper)
plastic eating utensils
full brimmed hat (crushable)
extra ear plugs
sun screen
insect repellant

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