A Run For the Border!

Day 9-Saturday, April 28, 2007

I asked Adena what time she was getting up and she replied "early." I pride myself on getting up pretty early so I asked, "How early?" "Five" she replied. Ack!

She had the rose show that day and I could see she was anxious to get on with it. So five it was. I figured I'd put in a couple of hours on the bike and then worry about breakfast.

My early morning ride took me through Woodland. I graduated from Woodland High School WAY back in 1966 (there's that snickering again). The main street looks much now as it did then (although it's expanded out quite a bit). Even some of the same old familiar stores.

My plan was to ride through the Capay Valley on Hwy 16 and meet up with Hwy 20 and across Clear Lake back to Hwy 101 and home. I've ridden this road many times over the last 35 years and it continues to delight. Even more so on this early spring morning.

The towns are the same...almost unchanged. Memories from my youth.

This is Guinda. Many's the time me and my highschool friends stopped here for cold beverages before heading a bit further up Cache Creek to do some inner tubing in the creeks and canals nearby.

I joined Hwy 101 (I like to think of it as my highway) just north of Ukiah.

Then it was back into my familiar redwoods...

Now I definitely feel like I'm getting near home.

I pulled up front of our house at around 2 o'clock.

The lovely Becky (Beck-zuki) had obviously been awaiting my arrival with keen anticipation.

Miles ridden this day: just under 300

The final tally...just under 2,500 miles in 9 days. Quite a journey.
Number of breakdowns: One overheating
Number of traffic tickets: ZERO!
Number of accidents: NONE!
Number of days spent in jail (always a concern): ZERO!
Amount of fun: TONS
Would I do it again?: In a heartbeat

p.s. ignore that "max speed" thing on the GPS; it's surely in error. Everyone knows Guzzis don't go that fast and besides it would be illegal.

"Dat's all folks!"

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